Software controller of Food and drinks!


Production of Food Beverages demands caution and care, for it directly affects the health of people and the authorities are always vigilant on the quality of the food and drinks served.

It entails a little risk of being trapped in unnecessary and avoidable problems due to carelessness or negligence. So it calls for the installation of a perfect soft ware in Food and Beverage production units made specifically for their management. The Syosys solution for the Food and Beverages is popular and has been installed by numerous units due to its perfection and capability to control and coordinate all the functions of the industry.

The software has high integration and   performance capabilities and functions as a complete supporting software for all the operations of Food and Beverage industry. We offer intensive training support and our after sales service and support  desk is quick to respond to solve the problems if any, instantly.  In general , the solution  discharges the functions of planning production, costing, management of finance and accounts ,inventory management, Receivables and payables ,profit analysis, tax matters and submission of returns, generation of MIS reports, purchase customer relation management and in short, all the functions required by the Food and Beverages manufacturing units. The solution is user- friendly and promotes production process and reduces costs. The high flexibility of the software allows frequent modifications and advancement resulting from the market changes and development in technology.

Important Modules in the Software


Purchase Management

Discount & Schemes

Document Printing

Configurable Invoicing

Inventory Management

Taxation Reports / Registers

MIS Reports

General Features

Financial accounting