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The simplest tool for complex management!

Travel and Tours Management

Travel CRM

Software for Tours and Travel from Syosys is a comprehensive Portal which perfectly controls the management of the business. It can be used for both internal and international Tours and Travel operations. 

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Important Modules in the Software

Customer Database

Flight Booking Integration

Itinerary Creation

Marketing Management

Payment Processing

Promotions Management

Quote Management

Alert and Notifications

Invoice Generation

Task scheduling and Management

Staff Memo

The bulk travel operations for pilgrimages like Umra and Haj can be handled easily with the help of our thoroughly integrated Travel and Tours Management Portal.  Various modes of travel like, car, ship, Air Plane, Train and bus can be separately integrated and given consideration while designing and developing it. The integration is made possible  with API like Amedeus and Sabre. It provides for customer data base, flight booking and arrangements with the service providers etc. The portal facilitates management of Travel reservations, hotel reservations, Conducted tour operations, conveyance booking, back office, contracts, staff management etc perfectly and easily. It contains  an excellent accounting module starting with book keeping to the final stage of preparation of balance sheet and profit and loss accounts. Destination management facility is a notable feature of our user- friendly portal for Tours and Travels. It has  search features, Instant search fetching from back end etc also.  The portal is based on the latest technology and methods like open source integration and crafted by master programmers of Syosys. This lends the features of adaptability, flexibility and easiness for modification

It is very important to note that the software contains unique features of front end booking, back end sharing of sales order, invoice generation, Purchase order generation, Payment confirmation and its nature like partial or full and final invoice printing on full payment. It incorporates different modes of payment like Cash, bank and online payment methods through API Payment Gateway integration like Paypall and Poli. Both direct and reverse taxes are accounted separately.

An elaborate rebate management system is the special feature of the software. Purchase discount or the rebate by the supplier is accounted in separate heads of account which forms an item of profit and loss account. Detailed reporting system and generation of item wise reports , Alerts and notifications, email alert on status, Allotment of Tags and group or business identification (Tracking facility)All types of Reports needed for the management and monitoring purposes etc also form the part of performance of the software. Staff management and office management are excellently done by the portal.
The portal facilitates Item management with tax calculation, administration, booking, travel, online payment, Travel insurance, Back end operations, Enquiry, Quotes, Sale order, Invoice generation and purchase order, with option of mailing to the customers, bulk e-mail and SMS Integration for marketing and alerts, notifications and reports etc. The functions also include analysis of portfolio of Strategies and all processes related to Tours and Travel industry. It effectively controls the Travel Management system totally and covers client relations, conducted tours, follow up, supplier booking, preparation of pricing schedules, and vouchers.

The portal has a special application module for general tour package service as well as conducted tour programmes. All tour and Travel operators will find the portal absolutely helpful for managing their business completely.