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Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Syosys develops magnificent and perfect custom software which owns in comparable features. The custom software development depends on the needs and requirements of each client.

 Automation of office functions and procedures has become an inevitable thing in the era of IT revolution.  In order to lend easiness and simplicity to the tasks in the business concerns, production units and offices, Syosys develops magnificent and perfect custom soft ware which owns in comparable features.  The development of custom software depends on the needs and requirements of each client. The in-depth know-how and brilliance of the software programmers of Syosys reflect in our custom software development.  The software performs the immense task of arranging and processing huge amount of data with amazing quickness and accuracy. It helps the clients to share data with the co workers and offers real time result.

The custom soft ware application is not a ready- made soft ware but a solution prepared on the specific requirements and needs and demands of the customer. The big and complicated tasks are simplified and the customers are able to find easy solution to any problem with regard to their business. The solution is thoroughly comprehensive and integrated. Besides, the use of GUI and UX designs lends clarity, preciseness, and easiness to the solutions.  Adaptability and flexibility of the solution is so remarkable that any additional module can be incorporated and integrated to the solution as required by the clients. All the custom solutions can integrate any or all the modules of Management control, Sales, Management of inventory, purchase, HR matters, customer relations ,  accounts and finance if the clients need them. All reports can be made available instantly with a click. The solution can integrate the functions of  preparation of  balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, registers of accounts, stock, and purchase and reports of  overdue and generation of  notifications, reminders, and send SMS and e mail. Accurate MIS reporting assists the management to take correct decisions at the appropriate time. The solution can be a helpful tool for financial and physical planning of business concerns. Flow of information throughout the system is facilitated with the help of the software. The elaborate customer database and facility to register orders and follow up  can also  be facilitated by the software.

The high end nature of the solution has prompted numerous companies. To install the software of our make and we find that their  acceptance is the greatest testimonial for the  perfection of the solutions.   Deployment of file maker, ruling out of the chance for duplication, integration of sales application with the vendors ERP custom dash- board  etc.  can also form the features of our solution. The Software is so versatile that information in the cloud, mobile devices, vertical applications, spread sheets and email, calendar or with the customers can be entered and processed easily to obtain accurate result quickly. Facility of conversion is another notable feature of the solution. Custom application development of Syosys is a broad set of integrated tools working together. The applications of file maker, web, social media, mobile applications etc can be integrated with high security. Industry- based Flexibility and adaptability make the solutions unexcelled creations for solving the problems the business men encounter in their daily business operations. Linking the solutions to the mobile applications  enhance utility ,user friendliness and convenience. Though we can integrate a large number of features, the extent of integration is decided by the clients and their needs.