FMCG Trading


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FMCG Trading

FMCG Distribution software ofSYOSYS wonderfully coordinates and manages all the functions of Fast Moving Consumers Goods Trade. The sector is fast changing and influx of new goods and withdrawal old goods are common features of this moving sector.

We are skilled enough to incorporate all the necessary up gradations and modifications in response to the changes in the market conditions and technological advancement. Syosys provides extensive and elaborate training in the soft ware and provides strong after sales support. This enables the users to customise the soft ware and feel comfortable in their operations. It is the most comprehensive solution available for the purpose as it is crafted by the imaginative and knowledgeable software programmers with long years of experience. The Features of the software are the following, Billing module contain Multi Rate Price List and Discounts, Cash / Credit Invoice andChallan, Sales Return and Replacement, Discount and Scheme, Salesman / Route / Area Wise Bills and Reports,Indicationof Expiry dates, Switch Over from Bill to Bill Anywhereetc..Auto Calculation of Levies, Stock, Ledger, Provision for counter sales entry, etc also form the features of billing Module.Besides, any additional feature required by the client can be in corporate due to the flexibility in designing the solution.

Purchase Management Module controls the facility to Cross Check Rate Deal, Purchase Planning and order Out standing supply reports and reminders, Pending DR / CR and Replacement Notes, Auto Barcode and Label Printing from Purchase Bill, Fixation of Sales Rates at the Time of Purchase, sales and purchases, Return and replacements of sales and purchases with differences in the rates, Debit Note/ Credit Note,Sales and Purchase Orders,Bank Pay in Slip and & TDS Certificate,Stock Transfer Memo, Delivery Note,Goods receipt and despatch Summary etc can be printed using the Purchase Reports and Analysisetc and any additional feature on demand, Printing of necessary documents like Accounts Vouchers, Receipt and Payment Advice, Invoices of software. Besides, all types of invoicing can also be performed using the software. Summaries and account registers of Sales tax and Purchase tax, Vat Returns, Sales Tax Receivable\issueable Forms and reminders, Service Tax, F.B.T., T.D.S, T.C.S Excise, Cess and Check List are also prepared with easiness. MIS reports which are of crucial importance to the management of business like Cash and fund flow analysis, targets and credit limits, Purchase analysis ,Financial, expenses analysis, are among the important MIS reports available. The software carries General Features like Single User\ Multi User facility, Data Security and Accuracy, Calculator and Cash Return Adviser, Telephone Book, Envelope and Labels Printing, Report Printing from Anywhere etc.

The software helps to keep all books of accounts , creates profit loss accounts and balance sheet with various schedules Sales and purchase registers .Outstanding sales and purchase reports and analysis, Payment,Interest calculations and bank reconciliation, Depreciationcharts,Fund planning and voucher approval system. Inventary module is a systematically designed to control the movement and stock of inventory with adequate meticulousness. All registers of Inventory with Brand, Group and Category specifications Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods, Sales and Purchase Orders and processing, Recording of Batch / MRP / Size / Shade / Reference / Serial Noetc in the inventory register can be done easily with the software.

Important Modules in the Software


Purchase Management

Discount & Schemes

Document Printing

Configurable Invoicing

Inventory Management

Taxation Reports / Registers

MIS Reports

General Features

Financial accounting